Team Building / Conflict Resolution

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.

– H.E. Luccock


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Group Dynamic Building

A group of people working together is not necessarily a team. A group becomes a team when the members begin to trust, appreciate and care for one another. It occurs when they have a shared vision and work together to achieve it. Teams do not simply happen. They require the leadership to make an intentional effort to celebrate the synergy between individuals and work to improve the challenges between others. Candy Jar Consulting would be happy to work with your organization to help strengthen your team. This can be done either in the formal workplace or at an off-campus location.

Conflict Resolution

Too often conflict arises between two people when they don’t understand the other person’s point of view. Just because one person is right does not mean the other is wrong; it simply means they see the situation differently. Unfortunately, these conflicts can often drain energy from team members and distract organizations away from reaching their goals. Having a trained facilitator helps address the conflict and will increase the likelihood of reaching a resolution where all parties feel respected and validated.

Staff Retreats / Board Retreats

Leaving the “business as usual” setting and dedicating time for team building and goal setting is vital to your organization’s success. Whether this occurs periodically or on an on-going, regular schedule, we are experienced in working with groups for this purpose. These retreats take many forms; for example, you may want a session with staff or board members only; in other situations, working with board members and staff together will be the most productive.


Photo About Tierney
Photo About Tierney
Photo About Tierney