Candy Jar Consulting supports organizations as they plan for their future by empowering team members to maximize their skills and strengthen their working relationships. Allison Flash helps teams work and think together.

Services Offered:


Allison Flash is Trained In:

• Group Facilitation

• Conflict Resolution

• Hogan Assessment

• Pre-Marital Counseling



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Even as our workplaces are  increasingly moving away from in-person interactions, it is even more important to help empower our teams and plan for the future. Click here to talk to Allison about remote training and facilitation opportunities.

Allison has the ability to take a group – big or small, lead them through a series of diverse activities, and help them arrive at a decision, process through an issue, or learn about a topic. The process is always as important as the product, and the process is always meaningful, interactive, and engaging. Her creativity and her ability to create the right process for the right product make her an exceptional facilitator.


– Janine S.


I worked closely with Allison as she developed both long and short-term goals for our Religious School, and then helped us carry them out. Allison was a leader we all looked to for these goals, how to achieve them, and how to adjust as we went. Allison was amazing to work with! She listens carefully to what you are saying, asks the right questions to clarify, and then hones-in on the critical part that needs addressing. Allison is able to adjust and listen as others give feedback, so she is sure her approach matches both what you need and what is best for the situation. I have seen her do this with people of all ages, both young and old..


– Jeannette C.


I worked with Allison to motivate public school districts to provide better accommodations for religious minorities in public schools. It culminated last year in passing legislation in the 2019 legislative session. Allison did an incredible job bringing together and galvanizing faith leaders from across the region to support the effort and the legislation. This  was critical to making our effort a success. Allison is highly responsive, easy to work with, and a great motivator! I would highly recommend working with Allison!.


– Max P.