"I never teach my pupils; I only provide the conditions in which they can learn." – Albert Einstein

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Staff Development

As teachers nurture their students and make them excited to learn, it’s imperative these same teachers are given opportunities to grow both personally and professionally at all stages of their career. Professional development benefits not only the teachers but the students as well. Let us help you design staff development sessions appropriate to your organizational culture.


Curriculum Assessment and Development

What a school decides to teach and how the material is taught are equally important to the success of the educational process. Both are critical in promoting the institutional values and furthering your goals. Candy Jar Consulting can help you decide what to include in the curriculum and how to create lessons to engage the students’ hearts and minds.


How to Create Communities Inclusive of all Learners

In an ideal world, schools would be open and accessible to all learners, regardless of their learning styles and abilities. They would teach in a way that students learn best, realizing there is no “one size fits all” for everyone. With more than a decade of experience creating programs that enable all types of students to flourish in classroom settings, Allison Flash can help you support students with special needs by modifying curriculum, adapting classroom environments and training teachers to empower all learners to thrive.


Photo About Tierney
Photo About Tierney
Photo About Tierney